Why people stop going to Church

We want you to know you have been greatly missed Your contribution is very valuable. So are your God given gifts, and we are incomplete without them.

Some of many reasons why people stop going to church

“I never really started; I was baptised and made my first Holy Communion, but no-one in my family went at other times”
“I stopped going to Mass in my teenage years because it seemed boring or irrelevant”
”My marriage broke up and I am now in a new relationship”
“I had an abortion, so I know I will never be welcomed back to the Catholic Church”

The Church - What do I do next?

KIT Meeting

THE CHURCH is made up of ordinary people, fragile and imperfect human beings who are not pefect but are trying hard to be a true family whare everyone is welcome.

If you have been away for a long time you may find that today's church is very different and we invite you to take a fresh look.

You and your story could help the church to become more Christ-like.