A quote from a Returner:

I can’t believe how much I ‘get’ from attending the KIT Meetings. I feel I am truly valued for myself, I also feel the KIT Group has no ’Agenda’ other than that of wanting to make me feel welcomed and loved, they do not ask for anything in return. I have come back to the Church and my life has changed
An elderly lady had been away from the Church for 50 years. Following the funeral of a relative in a Catholic church plus a ‘lucky’ escape in a car accident that could have been serious, she felt God was trying to tell her something. The following Sunday, she walked for the first time into the Catholic Church of the Town where she had lived for the past 30 years. Mass was being celebrated and, at the end, the congregation were told about a new parish group whose ministry was to reach out to and keep in touch with non church-going Catholics. She could hardly believe her ears and felt God had led her there on that particular day for a purpose. She joined the group’s weekly meetings and returned to the Church. Sadly she is now house-bound, but receives Holy Communion with great joy, regularly at home.
Meg, a local council carer, longed to get back to church but struggled with ‘holiness’!
Then, during a KIT meeting, I learned that God was using my hands to reach out in love to the people I washed, dressed and cared for! I never saw my work like that before! That simple message has changed my life
Susan was ‘found’ during a home visit and confessed that she had stopped going to church when she fell ill, and was now unable to sit through a long Mass. A KIT team member arranged to take her to a weekday Mass. That Mass is now the highlight of her week and she is so happy to be back in touch.
Being involved in the Kit group has given me the opportunity to review my own understanding of my belief in God and to re-affirm it (from a member of a parish KIT team)
With the help of the KIT programme, we not only "came home for Christmas" but through its continued support system and bi-weekly meetings, we stayed home (from 2 returners)
"I was on the outside looking in, having turned my back on Catholicism  .... From these meetings I have found that God's unconditional love has no bounds", wrote one returner, who later became a team member to help others on their journey.
I hope your so-promising project will gather steam.  It is so obvious and so necessary. I've always wondered why this has not already happened. God bless you for the great work you're doing; There is the feel and aroma of grace about it (from Father Daniel O'Leary)
KIT plays a valuable part in strengthening the sense of community in a parish.
A big advantage for me is that, while I give KIT wholehearted support, the team are happy to run the programme themselves, and report back to me" (from a parish priest)
I am delighted to recommend KIT as a resource enabling parishes to build deeper relationships between all their members, church-going and non Church-going.(from Nicky Stevens)